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TOPIC: cheap gun cleaning brush for sale Toronto

cheap gun cleaning brush for sale Toronto 1 year 3 months ago #8255

cheap gun cleaning brush for sale Toronto

toboutdoors.ca tob outdoors shop sell cheap gun cleaning brush,gun cases,gun sling,shooting targets,starget stand,gun clwaning tool,Hunting Gear For Sale.

The softest is nylon bristled brush, followed by slightly more aggressive blue nylon bristled brush.

target stand Canada

The most aggressive of Otis' all purpose receiver brushes is the bronze bristled brush.

Gives you the ability to scrub places where carbon, powder and copper residue hibernate.

paper shooting targets Toronto

These brushes can be used on firearms, automobile detailing, boats, golf equipment.

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Battery terminals, camping, grout, jewelry, wood working, RC hobbies, crafts and much, much more.

I’m a vintage costume jewelry seller and these are my new favorite tools! These are great for cleaning dust, dirt, old makeup, oils, and verdigris off of jewelry pieces, and are especially handy for getting in tight spots. *If you’ve never cleaned vintage jewelry before, I would recommend using these gently and carefully to avoid damaging old pieces - dislodging stones, removing finishes, etc* but if you are experienced in working with old jewelry, you will love these. Whenever possible, I just use a soft bristle toothbrush with mild dish soap. But sometimes a soft brush doesn’t cut it. These are great for stubborn build up like 20 year old waterproof makeup (bleh). The wire brush is very effective in removing verdigris spots. The softest brush is firmer than a toothbrush but still gentle enough to clean rhinestones. I love that I can start with the softer brush and work up as needed. Highly recommended!!!

Shooting Adhesive Splatter Targets

I use these brushes for cleaning up my metal detecting finds. The soft nylon brush gets used the most, but if a relic is severely encrusted the blue or brass brush will do the job with minimal damage. It's great these are made in the USA and the price is phenomenal. I keep lots of spares, I tend to leave them behind when I find something particularly exciting!

I like to buy and "rehab" vintage sewing machines. I have a substantial collection with several still waiting for a little love and repair. These brushes are all very helpful for that and their smaller sizes make them almost invaluable. Thanks Amazon, this is a good product.

Brushes work I was on your painting did you did you exert too much energy getting off the couch you got a breath my bad come on come on I’m not carrying you in a while

I bought this set because these type of brushes were recommended for cleaning vintage razors, which I purchase and resell. They are excellent for removing buildup in stages. I used the blue one to get what the white one missed. I finished with the brass, giving it a bright finish before polishing with a good quality polish, Flint. These brushes are DURABLE-I've used them on several razors as well as some dingy silver jewelry. Everything came out better than expected. I rinse them in alcohol for sterile purposes between projects. I expect these to last a long time. Good product. The pic shows some of the razors I cleaned with these.

Really nice brushes... I love they way they have double sides, one with full brush and the other one for fine cleaning (like pistols slide inside rail).Really worth it for the price! edit: More than two years later the same brushes are still doing a great job. Cleaned my pistols and rifles around a hundred times and they are still working great. No sign of fatigue on blue and transparent nylon brushes and only a little on the brass one. These are awesome brushes!

Must have, inexpensive, tools to keep your firearms clean. There are 3 brushes, a soft white brush, firm blue, and a brass brush to get out the tough baked on carbon. There are two ends, a thick side with a large surface area, and a thin side to get into tight spots.

These brushes are great.

I have used all three brushes depending on the use and have cleaned everything from rifles to carburetors.

These are great brushes and have worked well for aiding me to clean my firearms. I like nylon brushes and that they are of different firmness to each other. Little expensive for what thry are and could be of a bit higher quality but al in all, work well.
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